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Creative legal advice with your business as starting point.

Advokatfirman Evander provides a broad range of commercial legal advice with focus on the financial sector. Our advice is based on entrepreneurship and a unique industry expertise that constitutes the starting point regardless of the case. We assist in commercial and legal matters concerning e.g. negotiations, dispute resolutions, organization and corporate governance, financing, contracts with customers and service providers, regulatory compliance, risk management and IT. The law firm also has an extensive experience in the field of insolvency law.

Regarding labour legislative issues we are happy to refer to Svante Lindbäck – labour law expert with an extensive experience in employer/employee negotiations in Sweden as well as cross border. Phone: 070-732 30 82, e-mail: svante.lindback@klarsprak.nu


Sorry, we only have blog posts in Swedish.

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Karin Claesson


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Johannes Marszalek


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Jörgen Berglund


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