About us and our services

Advokatfirman Evander was founded in December 2016 by six lawyers with a unique industry expertise and a wide experience of commercial law, litigation and the financial sector legislation. We aim to provide commercial and legal advice with an entrepreneurial focus and where our clients’ business constitutes the base for how we apply the law.

Evander is also a Roman God who, according to the mythology, e.g. brought the Greek laws and alphabet to Latium (Rome and its surroundings) Source: Wikipedia

Our services are targeted to:

  • Entities operating in the financial sector
  • Entities and individuals who, in one way or another, need  legal expertise in the financial sector
  • Other entities and individuals who need attorneys that take their time to get to know the individual business conditions and operations of their clients

We offer:

  • Flexibility, accessibility and personality
  • A close and long term cooperation with our clients
  • Advice based on our clients’ individual needs and businesses
  • Practical and functional solutions to legal problems

We assist you with:

  • Financing and capital structure
  • Authorizations
  • Business strategy, organization and corporate governance
  • Contracts
  • Compliance and risk management
  • IT
  • Supervisory- and disciplinary matters
  • Litigation and dispute resolution